I recently got into the topic of self-improvement a lot. I started watching videos of YouTubers like Matt D'Avella. I think the reason I am into these videos so much is that I would like to be more productive during my day. Procrastinating is one of the only habits I currently have that I follow through every single day.

Therefore, I decided it is time to try something new and build some new habits! After researching the topic, 30 day habit-building periods seem to make the most sense. Here are the things I will try to do the following months:

  1. reading for at least 30 minutes each day
  2. take cold showers
  3. no phone for the first hour after waking up
  4. waking up at 5:00 am
  5. go for a run every day
  6. stretch after waking up

The last habit I want to build during the next months is blogging more regularly. I have not put that in the 30-day-challenge list, since I want to blog about building those habits as well as other random thoughts more often, so I consider this my one-year-challenge.

Note that the list above is not necessarily in the order I will try to do these challenges. Also, I might add one or two, If I feel like doing that. Expect to see some posts about the first challenge soon™ !